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Council approves continuation of tax abatements


Members of the LaGrange County Council unanimously approved the continuation of tax abatements for three LaGrange County businesses at Monday’s meeting. All have met or exceeded the goals originally set on a statement of benefits form filed at the time the abatements were allowed.

    Lennard Ag and Deflecta-Shield, both in Howe, and Tri-State Hardwoods of South Milford are the firms that will continue to receive tax abatement benefits.

    County commissioners went on record as favoring a flat amount raise for all county employees in 2013. The award, if approved by the county council and written into the new salary ordinance, will be a one-time payment. “When you get a large sum of money at one time, it means more and goes further than when you get a dollar or two each week,” said Commissioner George Bachman, who made the recommendation.

    Bachman also noted that the Town of LaGrange Wastewater Treatment Plant is operating at 25 to 30 percent of capacity. “I have asked some people to come together tonight to discuss this issue,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense to have this facility here with capacity and a need for services some five miles away.”

    Council members also approved a part-time hourly clerk for the LaGrange County Circuit Court at the rate of $9 per hour and a summer intern position for the LaGrange County Superior Court at $8.50 per hour.

    LaGrange County Recorder Sharon Shiltz received approval to hire an independent contractor at a rate of $10 per hour for up to 24 hours a week to work on indexing records in the recorder’s office.

    The county utility board meeting scheduled for June 13 has been postponed until June 20.