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Council approves concepts

LaGrange County Council members approved a number of concepts presented for their review at Monday’s meeting.

Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Wible asked council to approve the use of infraction deferral money for buying equipment for use by the various police units which serve the county. Different amounts have been requested by each of the town police departments.

Marshall Tom Fitch of Shipshewana has requested $3,000 to help send members of his department to a police school for training with specialized weapons.

Wolcottville is requesting some $7,000 to outfit a new police car with lights and other equipment.

A stipend of $5,000 was requested from Infraction Deferral for The Howe School, which is setting up an ROTC program at Lakeland High School.

The council also decided to purchase 20 electronic poll books for use in the upcoming elections. County Clerk Bonnie Brown presented the project and asked to lease the books for a year at a cost of some $13,000. Council members decided that it would be more cost effective in the long run to purchase the devices at a cost of $40,000.

Money for the clerk’s project will come from the Cumulative Capital Fund.

The electronic books will also be adaptable to the new “vote centers” concept that is being talked about in other counties.

Both of these projects will be advertised as an additional appropriation and will be considered again at the March 10 council meeting.

Peter Cook was appointed the council representative on the LaGrange County Economic Development Commission Board. He replaces Fred Brown, former council member that resigned last year.