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Council on Aging grant cut $10,000 for 2013


Cheri Perkins told LaGrange County Commissioners Monday that the public transportation grant will be cut $10,000 for 2013. “The federal amount awarded to the state has been cut and this is a pass-through for the state. Because of this, all counties will be cut. Our cut will not be nearly as much as some counties because both our number of riders and mileage traveled continues to rise,” she explained.

The approved budget for 2012 is $142,821 and the amount being proposed for 2013 is $132,881. The contract was approved pending review by County Attorney Kurt Bachman.

    Commissioners approved an eight-week extension of medical leave for a person who has been off work for the maximum 12 weeks allowed under the county’s family and medical leave policy.

    Sheriff Terry Martin asked commissioners to consider purchasing five police vehicles yet this year. “We have in the past been purchasing five a year. For the last three years we have bought only three and this is really catching up with us,” he explained.

    Martin noted that the county received $200,000 from the forfeited Lombard bond, $100,000 of which is by law directed to pay for the Sheriff Department Merit Officer Pension Fund. He requested that the remaining $100,000 be used for the vehicle purchases.

    Commissioners approved asking for an additional appropriation of $75,000 from the cumulative capital fund to purchase up to three sheriff department vehicles yet this year. The county council will consider the request at their September meeting.

    Auditor Kay Myers reminded commissioners that she had requested that any additional appropriations planned for the rest of 2012 should be turned into her office before the end of June. “These things affect the budget for 2013,” she said. “I can amend the budget to accommodate this change, but time is very short.” County council will start reviewing the county budget for 2013 at their meeting next Monday and Tuesday.