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Corn School Committee seeks nominees for citizen of the year

Nominations are now open for the 2015 LaGrange County Citizen of the Year. LaGrange County Corn School officials are seeking community input from clubs, groups, organizations or individuals. The award will be presented during the Corn School Queen Contest preliminaries at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 7, at the courthouse gazebo.

Only written nominations will be considered, and should include the name and address of the individual being nominated, the reasons for the nomination, and a list of accomplishments of the nominee.

The nominations should be mailed or delivered to: “LaGrange County Citizen of the Year”, c/o LaGrange County Corn School Committee, 113 W. Spring St., LaGrange, IN 46761. Nominations will be accepted through Wednesday, Sept. 23.

The winner will be selected from the nominees by a committee of judges, all of whom are citizens of LaGrange County. Posthumous awards will not be considered; two or more persons may be chosen if, in the opinion of the judges, the persons appear to be equal in their contribution of time, efforts and volunteer work.

For a person to be eligible for the award, the individual must have been a resident of LaGrange County for at least five years, must never have been disenfranchised or have a criminal record of any kind.

The purpose of the award is to honor a citizen of LaGrange County who has contributed in a positive way to the quality of life in the community. The award is based solely on voluntary achievements of the person, which have been accomplished without compensation. The person’s efforts should have been directed toward the betterment of LaGrange County and the community in which the person lives. Those efforts and activities which foster and encourage social wellbeing, harmony, knowledge and understanding shall be considered by the judges in reviewing the achievements of the various nominees.

A person will not be given the Citizen of the Year Award merely because he or she has done a good job at his or her regular occupation. The person’s efforts must be voluntary, above and beyond the call of duty, and directed toward the betterment of LaGrange County and the community in which the person lives.

The contest shall not be conducted as a political campaign, for example, having one or two persons contacting groups or organizations requesting the nomination for themselves, or having other persons contacting groups to influence them to nominate a certain person.

Each club, group, organization or individual making a nomination must do so solely as its, his or her own decision without influence or coercion by anyone. The winner will be selected from the nominees by the judges, who are well-known and competent citizens of LaGrange County. The judges shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Past recipients of the award have been:

1963 – Mrs. Karl (Mildred) Gilbert

1964 – Glendon A. Sears

1965 – Robert L. Pierce

1966 – Edythe Gappinger and Oma Knauss

1967 – Paul M. Riddick

1968 – Mary Jane Sell and Riley L. Case

1969 – Mrs. Fred G. (Carlie) Deal

1970 – Rev. M. D. Kilver

1971 – Helen Adams

1972 – Rev. Carldean Merrifield

1973 – Ned Stump

1974 – John Storck

1975 – Nina Walter

1976 – Bob Schott

1977 – Charles Park

1978 – Dora Giggy

1979 – William S. (Bill) Hart

1980 – Rev. Wilbur Yates

1981 – Ray Culp

1982 – Russell “Bud” Howe

1983 – Don Sherman

1984 – Ruth Johns

1985 – Katherine Lewis

1986 – Betty Oakley

1987 – Edgar Franklin

1988 – Rev. Lowell Anderson

1989 – Carmen Abrahamson

1990 – Robert Sleeper

1991 – LeRoy K. Schultess

1992 – Shelli Renee Yoder

1993 – Dennis Wagner

1994 – Paul Hostetler Jr.

1995 – Elsie R. Willard

1996 – Richard C. White

1997 – David L. Christner

1998 – Robert F. Lovaas

1999 – Florence Notestine

2000 – Frances Prough

2001 – Harriett Warren

2002 – Mahlon Dunkel

2003 – Rollin E. (Sam) Carney and Estella M. Carney

2004 – LuLu May Carney

2005 – Donald (Pete) Curtis

2006 – James McKibben

2007 – William F. (Bill) Connelly

2008 – Robert L. Meeks

2009 – Ted Strawser

2010 – Mont Arnold

2011 – Eugene L. (Gene) Mory Jr.

2012 – Philip M. Spreurer

2013 – Eugene (Gene) Potter

2014 – Philip and Margaret Malone