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Cook, Sprunger, Senecal named to CVB Board


Three current members of the board of directors of the county convention and visitors bureau were reappointed Thursday morning. The appointments were made at a called meeting of the county inkeepers’ tax commission.

Peter Cook, Kerry Sprunger and Jesslyn Senecal were each named to a new three-year term on the CVB Board which will expire Dec. 31, 2015.

Other members of the CVB board are Kelly McConnell and Lora Tormanen, whose terms expire the end of 2013, and Cletus Lambright and Joanna King, whose terms will expire Dec. 31, 2014.

Inkeepers’ Tax Commission members also approved a budget of $365,000 for the operation of the LaGrange County Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB) for 2013. The 2012 budget was $392,000. “We have been able to lower our budget by including more cooperative advertising opportunities,” explained CVB Director Beth Thornburg.

Tax commission members discussed the fact that some firms have become delinquent in paying their room tax. This 5 percent tax is assessed on all rooms rented in the county, whether at a hotel or bed and breakfast.

The LaGrange County Treasurer is the collection agent for the taxes and remits those taxes to the Inkeepers’ Tax Commission.

After considerable discussion, the tax commission board recommended that the CVB not accept advertising from such firms nor display their information on the CVB website or display the offending parties advertising materials on the CVB premises.

Members of the Innkeepers’ Tax Commission are Karen Weiland, Mike Helmkamp, Charles Ashcraft, Phil Heyerly and Kevin Lambright.