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Contract approved for Form 11 mailing

    LaGrange County Commissioners approved a contract for County Assessor Pat Monroe that will allow an outside vendor to mail the approximate 26,000 “Notice of reassessment of real property” to property owners. The contract will cost the county $9,496. This is 37 cents per parcel. Normal postage is 49 cents per letter plus the cost of the envelope and labor to print and stuff the envelopes.

    Monroe told commissioners that she is looking at implementing a notice system that will utilize the internet to advise property owners of the amount of assessment her office has placed on property. This system is still a ways off into the future and will require that property owners acknowledge that they wish to receive their notice in this manner and have viewed the notice.

    A contract with the Nexus Group needs to be amended. The Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) has changed some dates for cyclical reassessment and the contract needs to be changed to reflect the new dates. Commissioners approved the change.