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Commissioners plan road and bridge work

LaGrange County Commissioners awarded two engineering contracts that assure continued infrastructure improvements in LaGrange County.

A contract not to exceed $46,000 for engineering services relating to rebuilding a bridge just south of the state line on CR 600W that goes over Fawn River was awarded to USI Consultants. This bridge was number one on a list of bridges needing attention from the last bridge inspection report.

Ben Beer, representing the CSI firm, addressed commissioners regarding the firm’s scope of work in relation to being named the consulting firm to perform bridge inspections in LaGrange County over the next four years. He said they will be inspecting all bridges in the county that exceed 20 ft. in length in November and December of this year. They will develop a load limit for each bridge. In addition, the agreement calls for them to inspect any bridge that may be struck by a vehicle to determine if and/or how much damage the bridge has incurred over the course of the contract.

Wessler Engineering was hired to perform a study of CR 600S from SR 5 to the west county line. This contract is not to exceed $33,000. Work on this project will not be an immediate event, but according to County Commissioner Larry Miller, “the road needs attention. There are places the utility poles are right out to the road.”

Commissioners directed County Attorney Kurt Bachman to address the right of way issue on Buck Lake. There is reportedly a county road right-of-way that had been taken over by local property owners and posts with a chain attached erected to prevent access to the lake. Bachman will be asking those responsible for any evidence they may have that the road right-of-way has been vacated.

A contract with Malacon to provide services to the LaGrange Circuit Court in recovery of Title IV-D funds was approved. It is an open-ended contract that either party can cancel with 30 days notice in the amount of $650 a month.