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Commissioners make RDC appointments


County Commissioners made their appointments of four Redevelopment Corporation (RDC) members at Monday’s meeting. State Statute calls for the appointments to be made prior to the first of the year.

All members appointed are currently serving on the board. They are Meredith Cameron, Robert Bond, John Senecal and George Bachman. Bachman served in 2012 as a member of the county commissioners but will serve in 2013 as a citizen appointment. There will not be a voting county commissioner on the board in 2013, however, Commissioner Garry Heller has been present at the RDC meetings and said he will continue to monitor the board’s activities.

Commissioners approved three-year personnel contracts with Jeff Brill, highway supervisor, at $53,439 a year; and with Robert Murphy, Information Technology Director at $43,590 a year. Both contracts call for an increase in salary on an annual basis equal to that afforded county employees. There is also a 30-day buy-out clause in the agreements.

A discussion on the status of property at 8980E 500S owned by Tami Sparkman (a.k.a. Tami Hudson) was held with County Plan Director Bob Shanahan. He stated that although he has had conversation with Sparkman and she agreed to take responsibility for the cleanup of the property and securing the building on the premises, there has been no activity to date.

Commissioners ordered Shanahan to notify Sparkman by certified mail of the possible public safety hazard that exists on the property and set up the process of having the county enter the property to determine whether or not the subject property is a candidate for having the county teardown the structure under the unsafe building code. If the county undertakes this option, the costs will be levied against the property.

Commissioners agreed to further action on the matter at their December 28 meeting.