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Commissioners Looking for Volunteers

LaGrange County Commissioners are looking for some volunteers to fill seats on various boards. Applications are available at the office of County Auditor Kay Myers.

Board seats that need to be filled for 2014 and years following are:

Alcoholic Beverage Board: There are three people on this board with one each appointed annually by the commissioners, Town of LaGrange and county council. No more than two members may be from the same political party. Order of appointment is commissioners, Town and council. Current members of the board are Winford Jones, Mike Helmkamp and Keith Stanton.

Library Board:One appointment this year (4-yr. term) will be made by agreement of Prairie Heights and Westview Schools. The seat is currently held by Jerry White.

Health Board: This board is composed of seven members who serve four years terms. Two will be appointed this year by commissioners. Katie Caldwell and Rob Bollinger, DVM, are currently serving. No more than four of the members can be from the same political party.

Park Board: Appointments of two members will be made this year, one by council and one by commissioners. Members whose terms expire this year are Robert Arnold and Julia Wolheter.

Plan Commission: One seat is up for appointment this year by commissioners. Rich Sherman is the current appointee. Members serve a four-year term.

County Board of Zoning Appeals: One appointee for a four year term will be made by commissioners. Angelo Petitti is currently serving.

Redevelopment Commission: Members serve one year terms and four are appointed by commissioners and three by county council. Currently serving are Meredith Cameron, George Bachman, Robert Bond, John Senecal, Dalonda Young, Fred Brown and Charles Ashcraft.

Convention, Recreation, & Visitor Industry Commission:  Two seats will be filled by commissioners for a two-year term. Kevin Lambright and Phillip Heyerly are currently serving.

Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals: Three people will be appointed this year; one by council and two by commissioners. Currently these seats are held by Deb Notestine, Jennifer Beechy and Ronald J. Martin.

Public Defender Board: Two people will be appointed this year; one by commissioners and one by Circuit Court Judge Scott VanderBeck. Terms of Dave Nelson and Charles Ashcraft expire this year.

Plat Committee: One appointment will be made to the Plat Committee by the Plan Commission. Kevin Myers is currently serving.