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Commissioners have short meeting


LaGrange County commissioners held a short meeting Wednesday morning to receive bids for fuel and paint striping for 2013. There was only one bidder for each item, but both afforded attractive pricing for the county.

North Central Co-op bid a firm price of $2.917 a gallon for unleaded gasoline during the entire year of 2013. This compares to a cost of $2.884 paid in 2012. The price does not reflect any state or federal taxes.

The price of diesel fuel will be $3.293 a gallon for 2013 compared to $3.292 a gallon in 2012.

Air Marking of Rochester bid a price of 0.073 cents for paint striping next year. The price is the same for solid four-inch yellow, solid four-inch white, and skip striping of four-inch yellow.

The county parks department received permission to purchase a utility vehicle from Crystal Valley Power Equipment. The unit will cost $11,600, which is slightly less than quoted for a John Deere by Fillmore Equipment of Howe.

Bob Murphy was given authority to purchase two printers as replacements for two units which are no longer functional. The units will cost some $593. One will be used in the sheriff’s department and the other in the office of Plan Commission Director Bob Shanahan.

Commissioners created a fund to receive interest from the Myrtle Greenawalt Trust. The trust was established in 1947 and holds about $1,700. The interest fund will be allowed to disburse interest earned for the purpose of providing medical care and clothing for those in need in LaGrange County.