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Commissioners award water main extension contract

The LaGrange County Board of Commissioners received 10 bids Monday morning for the water main extension project that will take the line from just south of the Fawn River, south along SR 9, to the former Multiplex building, soon to be occupied by Exo-s.

Bids were submitted for both a 10-inch main and an optional 12-inch line.

The county took the bids under advisement immediately following the opening and reconvened later Monday morning to receive a recommendation from DLZ engineering and an attorney from Beers, Mallers, Backs and Salin.

Based on the recommendation, the contract was awarded to Haskins Underground, inc., of Plymouth, Ind., for the 12-inch water main at $366,770. Haskins had submitted the low bid for the 10-inch, as well, at $338,620.

Other bids were submitted by (10-inch line/12-inch line):

Niblock Excavating, Bristol, Ind., - $409,808/$439,633; C&E Excavating, Elkhart, Ind. - $454,240.51/$470,165.51; API Construction, Laotto, Inc., - $457,735/$479,988.75; Beer & Slabaugh, Nappanee, Ind. - $486,722.60/$507,778.51; HRP Construction, South Bend, Ind. - $532,875.01/$552,615.01; Roth-enberger Company, Concord, Mich. - $538,029.85/$554,184.85; Balkema Excavating, Kalamazoo, Mich. - $565,700/$592,150; Crosby Excavating, Ft. Wayne, Ind. - $606,775.75/$629,122;  $951,810 from Phend & Brown of Milford, Ind.