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Commissioners authorize tax certificate sale

LaGrange County Commissioners authorized a tax certificate sale at Monday’s meeting. This type of sale is designed to move property from non-property tax producing property back onto the tax rolls.

“Adjacent property owners could bid as little as a dollar to buy land-locked property,” said Commissioner George Bachman. He explained that in selling a tax certificate, the accrued property tax is wiped away.

It is expected that the process will start in mid-January with a legal notice in this newspaper.

Commissioners also approved a change in boundaries for the Johnson North and Johnson South precincts. The change was necessary to balance the population in the county council districts.

LaGrange County took another step toward becoming ADA compliant when they adopted guidelines for construction of public buildings and sidewalks at Monday’s commissioners meeting. The guidelines also officially establish Bob Murphy as the county contact for ADA issues.

This is the third step in a five-step process.

Commissioner George Bachman was authorized to sign an agreement for a standby letter of credit with either Farmers State Bank in LaGrange or Wells Fargo, depending on the outcome of continuing negotiations. The letter of credit is in connection with the county landfill closing agreement with the EPA.

Commissioner Larry Miller said that a plan needs to be developed to replace some trucks at the county highway department. “The men there have welded sign material over holes to keep out snow and dust…but now the structure is rusting away. Something has got to be done to replace these 12- to 15-year-old trucks,” he stated.

Miller also reported that a highway department employee had a heart attack last week and will be off work for at least three months