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Commissioners approve three contract items

LaGrange County Commissioners agreed to three different contract issues at Monday’s meeting.

A contract with the Nexus Company of Indianapolis for trending services for the 2013, payable 2014, tax year were approved. The Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) has dictated the change which calls for a penalty of $100 per day for every day past July 1 that the trending report is not complete.

Trending is one of the steps necessary for the calculating of assessed values that are used in setting property tax rates.

A contract with the Karr Company of Iowa to renovate the exterior of the county courthouse in 2014 is to be reviewed. The contract of $120,331 is to provide for the repair and replacement of bricks, mortar and stone on the century-old structure.

Commissioners approved a contract with the Laredo Corporation that concerns use of records in the office of LaGrange County Recorder Jennifer McBride. Laredo is a third party vendor that assists title companies and others with access to titles and other public information in the recorder’s office.