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Commissioners approve $6,287 for police car


LaGrange County Commissioners approved $6,287 to go with the insurance settlement of $16,666 to replace a police vehicle destroyed in an accident recently. The accident happened at the junction of CR 700S and SR 3 when an officer drove out in front of a vehicle with the right-of-way traveling on the state highway.

Attorney fees of some $14,977 have been awarded the county as the result of what the courts have decided was a frivolous lawsuit filed against the county in a land title matter on the east side of Fish Lake in northwest LaGrange County. The county was attempting to sell the lakefront area and a landowner disagreed with the county’s position that it had the right to sell the land.

With the recovery of the legal fees and the added money to come from the sale of the three lots in question, the county will realize about $250,000 from the sale of the lakefront property, according to County Attorney Kurt Bachman.

Aaron Knisley and Jeff Campos received high praise from Commission Chair George Bachman. The praise came because of the enhanced 911 radio system that has been installed in the county. “We are one of four counties in the northeast region of the state to get this system implemented,” Bachman stated. “After hearing that others were dragging their feet, you guys took the bull by the horns and had the initiative to get this project accomplished. The county will be well served, and you guys deserve the credit.”

Brian Cochran announced the Ark Animal Sanctuary is planning a Grand Reopening of the facility on CR 300S from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 20. He extended an invitation to the public to attend. Cochran also reported Ark raised some $8,000 to $8,500 at the annual dinner and auction. “We have probably outgrown our facility as we had to stop selling tickets some three weeks before the event,” he said.

County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill received permission to sell two dump trucks and an older model tractor at the Robert Mishler equipment sale to be held Dec. 8 at the MEC. Other county departments were urged by commissioners to consider this sale as a place to dispose of surplus equipment.

Brill noted the parking lot at the health department has been sealed. The highway department furnished the labor and the coating was provided by the health department and the county economic development corporation.

Frank Brown, long-time maintenance director for the county office building and courthouse, has tendered his resignation. “My last day of work will be Friday, Nov. 2,” he said. Commissioners authorized the county auditor’s office to post the job and advertise for applicants for the position. Final day for applications will be Friday, Oct. 19.