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Code enforcement has busy year


Code Enforcement Officer Jason Boggs reported a busy year to county commissioners at Tuesday’s meeting. Boggs said that he had a total of 376 details in 2012, up seven from 2011 and up 52 from 2010.

    The rural area of the county recorded 188 details with 102 vehicles tagged, 54 property cleanup tags issued, 55 grass complaints, 34 zoning complaints, and five illegal burning violations.

    Eighty-eight violations were recorded in the Town of LaGrange. The violations included 37 tagged vehicles; 12 property cleanups; 44 grass complaints; and three zoning complaints.

    Wolcottville recorded 60 incidents: 28 vehicles tagged; 14 property cleanups; 28 grass complaints; one graffiti; and one illegal burning.

    In Topeka, Boggs reported 22 tagged vehicles; six property cleanups; three zoning violations, and one illegal burning.

    Shipshewana had the lowest number of incidents with five tagged vehicles; five zoning complaints, and three grass complaints.