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COA grant for 2015 up $60,000

The proposed transportation grant for the LaGrange County Council on Aging (COA) will be for about $60,000 more in 2015 than was received in 2014. The grant amount is based on projected activity in 2014.

A federal grant of $250,805 has been approved and the state portion of $207,975 is pending. A public notice advertising a potential public hearing on the increase will appear in Friday’s LaGrange News.

The Capital portion of the grant is for the purchase of a modified small transit van with a lift which has an estimated cost of $50,000. The COA will be responsible for a $10,000 match if the capital project is approved.

Commissioners moved to give notice of termination of contract, with stipulations, to Greg Johnson, coordinator of the State of Indiana Tobacco Free grant. Johnson announced at a staff meeting held near the end of June that he was moving to California and would be quitting his job. However, no formal resignation has been received from Johnson.

Johnson’s $41,300 annual contract for administration of the grant which covers four counties, LaGrange, Steuben, DeKalb and Noble, runs through June 30, 2015. He told commissioners at the staff meeting that he had two people in mind as replacements for his position, one for the LaGrange-Steuben portion and a different person for DeKalb and Noble counties.

County Attorney Kurt Bachman told commissioners that there is a need for the State of Indiana to approve the proposed change in the administration of the grant contract. This change will be the responsibility of Johnson.

Commissioners approved a contract with Deborah Pontecorvo, a resident of Steuben County who had previously served in a capacity with a Tobacco Free grant, to serve from August 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 as the LaGrange-Steuben counties Tobacco Free grant administrator. This contract is contingent on the state approving the modification of the grant to allow for a dual administration of the Tobacco Free Grant. Pontecorvo works part-time for Purdue University in Steuben County.

A contract with Master’s Touch, LLC, was approved. The firm will be responsible for mailing Notices of Assessment of Real Estate and Improvements (Form 11) to property owners in LaGrange County at an estimated cost of $9,496. The work will be performed for County Assessor Pat Monroe.

An agreement with Region III-A was approved that will award $9,200 for the administration of a state grant of $150,000. The grant will go to Lima Township for the purchase of a fire truck. The township is responsible for the costs, which will come from the township’s cumulative fire fund.

A grant request from the LaGrange County Health Department was approved. The $5,000 grant requires a 100 percent match, $3,625 of in-kind services and $1,375 in cash which will come from the Health Maintenance Fund. The in-kind services will be provided by health department staff.

The Women Infants and Children (WIC) program received permission to purchase a color copier from grant funds. WIC operates under the umbrella of the county health department.

An amended agreement with Pulver Asphalt was approved. The commissioners had previously entered into an agreement to have the two county parking lots resealed and striped with the county highway department being responsible for filling the cracks. The new agreement at $2,756 calls for Pulver to fill the cracks.

This work will occur August 12 and 13. Overflow parking will be accommodated on the grass lot west of the courthouse for these two days.