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Cleanup of Topeka building to start Monday


Cleanup of the debris that has accumulated at the building demolition site on the northeast corner of the midtown intersection in Topeka is slated to start Monday. The announcement was made by Jason Boggs at the LaGrange County commissioners meeting Wednesday.

The building has been in the process of demolition for some time and both the Town of Topeka and LaGrange County have been uncertain as to who has jurisdiction in the matter. On Wednesday, the commissioners reaffirmed their position that the issue is a matter for the Town of Topeka to address.

“The debris that is present is being addressed as a potential health issue under the nuisance ordinance and has nothing to do with the demolition of the building,” said Commission President George Bachman.

One of the issues that needs to be addressed is the common wall that exists between Mr. Ed’s and the building that is being torn down. It was suggested at Wednesday’s meeting that a structural engineer will need to be engaged to assess the issue.