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Chicken sales policy stays unchanged in LaGrange


A proposed change to the chicken sales policy for the Town of LaGrange failed for lack of a second at Monday evening’s LaGrange Town Board meeting.

The policy will remain unchanged for 2013 if there is no further action on the issue.

The first scheduled chicken sale is scheduled for May 17. This event will be held at the courthouse. The next event holder asking for a fundraising sale on public property will be assigned to the LaGrange Town Hall property at the north edge of LaGrange. This will hold true regardless of the date requested, regardless of whether it is for a weekend in April or August. The third party requesting a date will be assigned to the Schlemmer Hardware parking lot at the south edge of LaGrange.

With this method, it is possible that there could be a chicken barbecue fundraiser at the courthouse four successive weeks. The policy was developed after uptown LaGrange restaurants complained about the non-profit organizations hindering the restaurants’ sales when activities are held in the courthouse area.