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Candidate listings for 2012 Election

The following candidates have filed with the LaGrange County Clerk’s Office as of the morning of Jan. 30 (in order of filing):

John A. (Jac) Price (R), County Commissioner, District 2 (Middle);

Jennifer (Bricker) McBride (R), County Recorder;

Mark W. Eagleson (D), State Convention Delegate

Ted G. Strawser (R), Johnson South Precinct Committeeman, State Convention Delegate;

Larry Miller (R), County Commissioners, District 3 (South);

Patricia (Pat) Brown (R), Clay Precinct Committeeman, State Convention Delegate;

Michael G. Strawser (R), County Council At-Large;

June A. Brown (R), County Clerk;

Benjamin Taylor (R), County Council At-Large;

Steven McKowen (R), County Council At-Large;

Donald Owsley (R), County Commissioner, District 2 (Middle);

David Manderfeld (D), State Convention Delegate;

Trudy Manderfeld (D), State Convention Delegate;

Jeffrey A. Campos (R), State Convention Delegate;

Suellyn Mickem (D), County Clerk;

Bonnie J. Brown (R), County Clerk;

Charles Ashcraft (D), State Convention Delegate;

Michael Cole (R), State Convention Delegate;

Vonda Akey (R), County Treasurer;

Thomas Smith (D), State Convention Delegate;

Paul Wilson (R), Precinct Committeeman, Johnson North;

Meredith Cameron (R), Precinct Committeeman, Johnson North;

Pam Farber (D), County Recorder;

Troy Smith (R), State Convention Delegate.

Deadline for filing declaration of candidacy is noon on Feb. 10 at the LaGrange County Clerk’s Office.