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Campground asked to provide more screening for neighbor

Don Owsley brought a request for an amended site plan for a campground he is starting up on CR 1100E south of CR 300N to the LaGrange County Plan Commission following changes that were made to the plan approved in 2011.       

The new plan showed changes that Owsley noted were done at the request of the state. Among the changes were the relocation of a storage building, an added second floor apartment area, changes to the entryway, and changes to the septic system.

CountyPlanningAdministrator Bob Shanahan told the commission that the contractor had initially pulled the wrong building permit for a storage building only, but a correct permit had been pulled when the contractor was asked to correct the mistake.

The commission also inquired about a fence that was agreed upon for the south property line to provide a visual shield for a neighbor. “I assure you, the fence will be 8 ft. tall and it will be done before any campers are in there,” Owsley told the commission. The fence framework is up, Shanahan showed.

Attorney Bill Eberhard, representing the neighbor to the south, noted that although the changes were subtle, he felt they had a significant impact on the neighbor. Eberhard expressed concern that there were not any changes in the screening along with the changes to the use. “Instead of minor screening, I feel he needs an 8 ft. fence the entire length,” Eberhard said. He also asked for the start of the fence to be moved closer to the road. “The changes have shoved the intensity (of use) closer to the neighbor,” Eberhard stated.

Owsley contended that the changes in the use were minor as campers had been meant to enter via the same drive in the original plan. “And most campers are going to be there in the daytime to set up,” he added.

It was also pointed out that the plan calls for a boat launch area, in both the original site plan and the amended plan, at the back of the property. Eberhard asked that a visual buffer be extended along the west property line to the south.

Owsley said he had intended to plant additional trees. He has already planted trees for a visual screen along the south property line.

The commission approved the amended site plan, with the addition of a double row screen of trees along the entire south property line, then extending southward on the west property line.

In other business:

The commission approved a site plan for an Animal Feeding Operation for 290 veal calves at 1745N 325E for Menno and Marlene Wickey. The proposed barn will measure 44x232 ft.

Mervin Miller’s application for a commercial expansion was approved for his engine shop at 2525S 050W. The original shop was destroyed by fire in early December. A new shop was built to replace it, but with two proposed additions that would allow indoor storage, the building was over the 5,000 sq. ft. limit that requires a site plan approval.