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BZA turns down stable in lake zone

One of two petitions denied at last week’s LaGrange County BZA meeting was for a private stable in an L-1 zone.

Wilson Brown and Leon Hochstetler of 165E 405S had applied for a land use variance to build a private stable in an L-1 zone to hold buggy horses. Their request was denied.

Steven and Marlene Eash of 8200W 700S had a setback request denied. They had asked to build a dog kennel and run 19 ft. from the property line, where the standard setback is 50 ft. in an A-1 zone. The operation of the facility was approved, but at the standard setback.

The board approved a developmental variance request from Steven Fuelling of 11650E 660S to place an auxiliary structure 3 ft. from the east property line where the standard is 10 ft. in an L-1 with sewer.

Kenneth Butler was approved for a third auxiliary structure at 9110E 430S. The request includes building on a lot that is not contiguous to the primary lot in an L-1 zone. He also received approval to exceed the primary structure footprint by 1,140 sq. ft.

James and Cathy Goldschmidt of 6140S 520E were approved for a new home 30 ft. from the centerline of the road, where the standard setback is 45 ft.

NGALA, Inc., was approved for a new home in the Witmer Lake Trowbridge Addition on CR 215E, with a 12 ft. setback on the north property line, 15 ft. from the east property line, and 5 ft. from the south property line. Standard setbacks are 45 ft. for the north and east property lines and 10 ft. for the south line.

James Yoder of 5150 West SR 120 was approved to own and operate a dog breeding facility in an A-1 zone. He intends to have 20-30 dogs.

Harley Mast and Wilbur Weaver were approved to sell farm produce, baked goods and craft items at 7875W 200S between March 1 and November 1.