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BZA turns down buggy horse barn request

The LaGrange County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) denied a request for a land use variance to allow a barn to be built at a Shipshewana-area residence.

The request for the variance was made by Leroy and Linda Yoder of 7595W 350N, to allow a barn to be built at that location to stable buggy horses. The lot is zoned Suburban 1 (S-1), which does not allow large farm animals.

Mr. Yoder spoke to the BZA Tuesday evening in presenting his request, noting that the variance would allow him to sell the property to an Amish family and allow them to have horses there.

Several neighbors were on hand to speak against the variance request, noting that they were concerned with having large farm animals in the area and the smell and manure from those animals. They also pointed out that they had purchased homes in the S-1 expecting to have similar residences around them and not ones with a barn or large animals.

Yoder contended that there were already other places around with horses. His property sits on the edge of the S-1 zones area, with agricultural zoning adjacent to him.

In other business:

The BZA approved a developmental standard variance request for Felix and Eulalie Lipsky at 2200E 525S for two lot width variances. The variances are for 94.18 and 90 ft. in an A-1 zone, where 150 ft. is standard. The lots will be tied with lakefront lots that have been deemed unbuildable.

Linda and Susan Burger, along with Larry Hedeen, had a land use variance for 0485E 600N in Howe approved for light assembly of switches for wholesale.

The BZA was informed that a land use variance that was denied last month was being appealed. The variance request was to sell guns at auction no more than twice a year. The BZA is awaiting official notification of the appeal.