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BZA splits setback request


A request for both a side yard setback and a roadside setback was split by the LaGrange County BZA at their Monday meeting.

The request, made by Harry and Loretta Mackey of 5935N 1185E, was for a seven-foot side yard setback where 10 ft. is standard, and a 35 ft. roadside setback for a new garage.

Although two neighbors were in favor of the request, another neighbor whose line adjoins where the seven-foot setback was sought asked the BZA to keep the 10 ft. standard. The neighbor noted that there was 47 ft. of available property on the other side of the planned garage. The neighbor did not see that there was a reason that would create the need for the requested setback.

Mackey told the BZA that he plans to use the garage to store his pontoon boat and, with the trailer they have to rent to move the boat, along with a truck, he was seeking the extra 3 ft. of clearance to maneuver the boat into the garage. The garage door was planned to be on the side of the garage so that he could keep an eye on it, he told the BZA.

The BZA felt that Mackey would have room to work with while keeping the standard 10 ft. setback. The BZA divided the request, approving the 35 ft. roadside setback and denying the side yard setback.

In other business:

The BZA approved a request by Dean and Lana Miller of 4895N 290W for a side yard setback of six feet for a new garage.

Davieand Darla Burgess of 4135N SR 9 had their application for a six-foot side yard setback and a two-foot rear yard setback approved. They plan to build a new garage.

Aurora Services of Shipshewana received approval for a land use variance for a multi-type business within a single building at the corner of CR 250N and CR 850W. The BZA approved the variance for “printing, sign making, publishing, graphic design, and other professional and business services.”

It was announced that, beginning with the August meetings, the BZA and the LaGrange County Plan Commission would be swapping meeting dates. The BZA will now meet on Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 7 p.m. The plan commission will meet on Monday, Aug. 27.

The change is expected to help streamline the process when projects require a variance from the BZA, as well as a site plan approval from the plan commission. With the new schedule, a project will be able to receive the variance request and then have site plan review a week later. Previously, a project could be held up by a month or more waiting for a site plan review following a BZA meeting.