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BZA looks at deck, land use variance for firearms repair


At Tuesday’s LaGrange County BZA meeting, a developmental standard variance for a deck was turned down.

The request by Constance Hood of 5180E 580S was for a lakeside setback of 11.7 ft. where the standard is 45 ft. and a side yard setback of 8.9 ft. where 10 ft. is standard. It was noted that the house was given a variance a few years ago for a 22 ft. setback, which was considered the average of the surrounding lots. The inclusion of a deck would extend half that distance.

One neighbor remonstrated against the deck, feeling that it would hamper the view of part of the lake from his property.

 The board voted to deny the variance. The board advised Hood that there were still other options to pursue for a deck and that she should contact Planning Administrator Bob Shanahan.

In other business:

The board approved a land use variance for Robert Duff at 5250W 700S for the repair and sales of firearms. Duff explained that he intends to focus on repair only and did not intend to have any inventory at his home for sale. The variance is one of the steps required by the ATF for approval to work on firearms. It was pointed out that the ATF does not differentiate between repair and sales for approval, which is why the variance request included both.

The BZA approved the request, with the conditions that it is for this owner and this use only, and that there would be no inventory for sale at the location.

In other business:

Melissa Shoemaker of 9350E 100S had a request for a 30 ft. ingress access approved, where 50 ft. is standard, for a new platted lot.

Kathy Smith of 10020E 600S had an application approved for a roadside setback of 29 ft. for a new garage and two side yard setbacks of 8 ft. and a 26 ft. lakeside setback for a new house.

Steven and Patricia Schnorr of 9085E 480S had a variance request approved for a 19.3 ft. roadside setback, where the standard is 45 ft. in an L-1, and a 4.9 ft. and 5 ft. side yard setback where 10 ft. is standard.

Norman and Katie Mishler of 0040S 600W received approval for a land use variance to operate a welding and metal working business at that location, which is zoned A-1.