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BZA to hear Topeka unsafe building case

The LaGrange County BZA will hold a hearing prior to their July meeting to hear evidence on a building in downtown Topeka that has been partially torn down for well over a year.

LaGrange County Zoning Administrator Bob Shanahan told the BZA that at the hearing they will hear evidence concerning the building located at the corner of Lake and Main streets in Topeka. Following the testimony, which could include various expert testimony, the BZA will determine if they will uphold, rescind or modify any orders given in relation to the building by the county building inspector.

The meeting will be held at 6:15 p.m. on July 16. A Town of LaGrange BZA meeting will follow at 6:45 p.m. and the LaGrange County BZA will meet in regular session starting at 7 p.m.

In other business at Tuesday’s meeting:

A developmental standard application was approved for Thomas and Regina Hare of 5632S 980E for a lakeside setback of 36 ft. where the standard is 45 ft. in an L-1 zone with sewer. A north side yard setback of 5 ft. was also approved for the new 24x30 ft. structure to be built at that location.

Lloyd and Lana Moore of 6180N 325E received approval for an auxiliary building and a side yard setback of 5 ft. where the standard is 20 ft.

N&M Inc. received approval for two additional barns to house 49,500 broiler chickens each at their 5735W 700N location. In addition to an existing building that houses 72,000 birds, the total number of animals would be 171,000 on three tracts of ground totaling just over 37 acres. They were also approved for an east property setback of 208 ft. and a north property line setback of 322 ft. where 500 ft. is standard.

Raymond and Mary Krouse of 1290E 690S were approved for two 8 ft. side yard setbacks where standard is 10 ft. in an L-1 zone with sewer.

Nature’s Comfort at 3790 North SR 5 was approved for a 20 ft. tall sign where standard height is 15 ft.

Gregory and Laurie Bloom were approved for a roadside setback of 18 ft. where the standard is 45 ft. in an L-1 zone, and a 5 ft. side yard setback where the standard is 10 ft. for their new two-story home to be built at 4805S 055E.

Leonard Frey of 3240N 920W was approved for a side yard setback of 7 ft. on the north and south property lines. The standard is 10 ft.

Stephen and Virginia Merrill of 4850S 930E received approval for a lake side setback of 29.3 ft. for the construction of a new deck. The standard is 45 ft. in an L-1 zone.

Honeyville Metal Works received approval for a land use variance at the 4200S 900W location for expansion of the metal working business on an 8.41 acre tract of adjoining land.