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BZA busy in March

The LaGrange County Board of Zoning Appeals had a full slate Tuesday evening with eight variance requests.

First up was David Wackrow of 5485E 610S in Wolcottville, who was approved for a side yard setback of 6.5 ft. where the standard in an L-1 with sewer is 10 ft.

Robin Bollinger and Tom Malle had two variances approved for an auxiliary structure to be built at 0830E 465S in Wolcottville. The first was a developmental standard variance to allow an auxiliary structure on an auxiliary lot with a greater footprint than the primary residence by 828 sq. ft. The second was a land use variance to allow the auxiliary structure on a lot not contiguous with the primary lot.

Walter Stevens of 5225E 620S in Wolcottville had a lakeside setback of 20 ft. approved. The standard in an L-1 is 45 ft.

Schrock Harness of 8370W 300S in Topeka had a land use variance approved for a retail store selling equine equipment manufactured on site in an A-1 zone.

Gerald and Tanya Yoder had an application for a storage and distribution facility for the sale of coal approved for property 660 ft. east of the intersection of CR 1050W and CR 600S in Millersburg.

Lamar and Doris Schlabach, 3455S 1200W in Millersburg, had an application for a land use variance for a retail store in an A-1 zone approved to sell equine equipment.

Marvin and Ruby Hochstetler of 0505N 300W in LaGrange were approved to operate a welding business in an A-1 zone.