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BZA approves welding operation

The LaGrange County BZA approved an application for a welding and manufacturing business in an A-1 zone at their Monday evening meeting.

The application was submitted by John and Elsie Yoder of 11425W 300N in Shipshewana. The Yoders plan to add nearly 5,000 sq. ft. to expand the business. The business builds farm gates and feeders.

The business started in 1993, the BZA was told, and is adding more fabrication to their work.

The application was approved with the conditions of this owner and this use only.

In other business:

The board approved a request for a garage larger than the primary residence as well as side yard setback of 6 ft. and roadside setbacks of 13.5 and 33 ft. for a new garage at 2075E 765S in Wolcottville. Owners George and Lisa England made the application for the property that is zoned L-1.

An application by Susan McBride for a 1 ft. side setback at 1810S 485E in LaGrange was denied by the BZA, noting they felt the setback would be too tight if the neighboring lot had a residence built on it in the future.

James and Deborah Moore of 5970S 550E in Wolcottville had their application for a 6 ft. side setback in an L-1 area approved for a single-story house addition.

John and Teresa Stukey of 10900E 800N in Orland applied for a 55 ft. roadside setback for a new porch, which was approved.

A request for a 71 ft. roadside setback at the residence of Jacquline Bires, 1265 N. SR 3 in LaGrange, was approved for a deck.

Janice Lawrence applied for an accessory building in an L-1 zone that is to be closer to the lake than the primary residence at 7370S 080E in Wolcottville. The one-story accessory building will be built on the footprint of a previous building and is planned to include bathroom facilities. The BZA approved the request.

Diane Hartman applied for a 8 ft. side setback and a 35.5 ft. roadside setback for a covered deck at 6150S 085W in Wolcottville, which was approved.