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BZA approves new hog barn

The LaGrange County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) approved a developmental standard variance request from Young Family Farms for a 2,000-head hog barn to be built at 4700E 300S in LaGrange.

The request was for side yard setbacks of 223.5 ft. and 205 ft., where the standard is 500 ft., and a front setback of 163.1 ft. where the standard is 500 ft. The variance also included a lot size of 14.4 acres from the standard 120 acres.

The overall plan called for Young Family Farms to move the 2,000 hogs from three other facilities in the area to the one new location. The three older barns will be closed down and the new barn will be “state of the art,” the BZA was told.

Residents from Royer Lake questioned about smells from the new barn as well as potential runoff. Melissa Lehman from Agronomics Solutions told the BZA that the new facility will help lessen odors and is further away from the lake compared to the older barns. Also, with larger underground storage tanks with the barn, the farm will only need to spread manure on fields two times a year.

The board also approved a request for a developmental standard variance and a land use variance for Dean Miller at 5329N 290W in Howe for an auxiliary structure to be built on an auxiliary lot not contiguous with the primary lot in a L-1 zone. The variance also included an auxiliary structure with a footprint greater than the primary structure. The BZA was told that, after renovations to the house, the auxiliary structure would only be around 100 sq. ft. larger than the residence.