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BZA approves new business near Topeka

The LaGrange County BZA approved a land use variance Monday evening for Crist and Christina Kurtz to allow them to have a power tools sales and repair shop.       

The application was for a 40’x60’ building at 5700W 400S that will house the business. The BZA added that the variance is for this use and this owner only.

The BZA also approved a developmental standard variance for Chupp Auctions at 1700N SR 5 in Shipshewana for a sign variance that will exceed 150 total square feet.

Also approved was an application for a roadside setback of 25.5 feet and two side setbacks of five feet for a new house at 4730S 150E.

Mark and Megan Voss’s application for a building on a lot that is not contiguous to the primary lot at 075E 660S was approved.

Mark Hoff’s application for a Land Use Variance and Developmental Standard Variance was approved for a storage building at 435S 1200E. The structure will be on a lot without a primary structure in an S-1 zone.

James Kizer’s application for a roadside setback of 18 feet and lakeside set back of 22 feet for an addition to an existing home was approved.