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BZA approves kennel

The LaGrange County BZA met Tuesday evening to consider several applications.

The board approved two applications from Daryl and Kristine Bontrager of 10665W 325N. The first was for an existing structure to be built no closer than 5.3 ft. to the east property line for an existing dog kennel and an expansion to the existing kennel. The BZA also approved a variance request to operate a dog breeding kennel in an agricultural zone.

Irish Campbell had an application approved for a 40.5 ft. setback for the construction of a new garage at 6935N 450W. The standard setback is 80 ft. from the center line of CR 450W.

Larry and Vera Yoder of 1950S 1000W had an application for a roadside setback of 58.1 ft. from the centerline of CR 200S approved for the construction of an 80x200 ft. building for seed storage. A second land use variance was also approved for the retail sales of agricultural products.

Wayne and Katherine Miller were approved for a 60 ft. roadside setback at 2080S 300E for the construction of a new home.

Kevin and Beth Walsh of 0046W 625S were approved for a rear setback of 5 ft. and a roadside setback of 13 ft. on the north tract, and a 6 ft. side yard setback on the west side and a 5 ft. side yard setback on the east side of the south tract.