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BZA approves Clothes and Food Basket variance

The LaGrange County Clothes and Food Basket plans for a new building kept moving along this week as the group closed on some property (see related article) and received a land use variance from the LaGrange County BZA Tuesday evening.

The BZA approved the variance for the Clothes and Food Basket’s future site on Railroad Street in LaGrange, south of US 20. The site is zoned I-2, and a food pantry facility is not a permitted use in that zone.

In other business:

The BZA denied a developmental standard variance for David and Jane Lehman at 11035W 200S to build a garage 45 ft. from the centerline of CR 1100W, where the standard is 80 ft. The BZA felt that the situation was created by the landowners and was not due to zoning laws.

Janet Vail was approved for a new home addition at 7240S 175E which will be 5 ft. from the south property line, and a roadside setback of 11 ft. from the centerline of CR 175E.

Kenneth and Carol Rousar of 3060E 700N were approved for a new residential structure 10 ft. from the east property line and 14 ft. from the west line, where the standard is 20 ft. in an L-1 zone without sewer service. Also a patio deck 10 ft. from the east line was approved.

Floyd and Lisa Yoder of 6205S 700W had a land use variance request approved to own and operate a canine breeding facility for up to 16 dogs in an agricultural zone.