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BZA approves business expansion


The LaGrange County BZA approved a variance request at their Tuesday evening meeting for a furniture shop near Shipshewana that is planning to expand.

Long Lane Furniture at 700 S. SR 5, had their site plan approved the previous week by the LaGrange County Plan Commission, but needed the variance approval because the expansion would exceed the cumulative 10,000 sq. ft. allowed for a farm-based business. The expansion would exceed that by an additional 10,000 sq. ft.

The variance was approved without any additional conditions.

Joseph Carsten of 5895S 455E in Wolcottville applied for road and side yard setbacks for new home construction. Carsten plans to remove an existing home and rebuild on the same footprint. He requested a 22 ft. road setback and 9.7 and 3.1 ft. side yard setbacks for the Adams Lake location. The application was approved by the BZA as presented.

Dennis Hedges had an application for a 30 ft. ingress-egress easement approved for a one-lot subdivision at 3760W 350N in LaGrange. The standard easement is 50 ft.