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BZA Ag Committee meeting deemed a success


The Ag Committee of the LaGrange County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) held a public meeting earlier this month to look at the calf hutches that have been springing up around the county.

According to Planning Administrator Bob Shanahan, the meeting was held to educate producers about the county’s ordinance. He noted that, regardless if the animals were in hutches, producers still need to follow the ordinance.

“There was a disconnect between what they (producers) thought they needed and what they actually needed,” Shanahan stated.

Officials from the LaGrange County Plan Commission, the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service, and the Soil and Water Conservation Department, along with speakers from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the Indiana Dairy Farmers Association, were at the meeting to provide information and to answer questions. Approximately 140 people attended.

“It was a good meeting and we got a lot of good feedback from those there,” Shanahan said. “We were pleased with the turnout and participation from the community.”

Shanahan said that the county hopes that the meeting will help head off future issues.