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Burglary leads to drug arrest


On June 4, deputies from the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department investigated a report of a possible burglary in progress at a residence on CR 620S. A neighbor contacted the sheriff’s department to report seeing four males jimmy a door at the residence and make entry. A description of the four males and their vehicle was given to police.

Upon arrival at the scene, deputies saw four males matching the descriptions leaving the channel behind the residence on a pontoon boat, headed out on the lake. Deputies were offered the use of a boat from a resident close to the location and were able to make contact with the suspects on the lake.

According to the police report, the males were identified and during a check for weapons a substance believed to be synthetic marijuana and paraphernalia was located on Rodney Ferguson, 37, of CR 025N. During questioning Ferguson allegedly told officers that the home and boat belonged to his family and he had permission to be at the residence.

Deputies contacted with other family members and were told that Ferguson was not to be on the property and a request was made that Ferguson be given a trespass warning to not return to the property. It was later found that Ferguson did not have a key to the residence and gained entry by bypassing the lock on the door to the home.

Fergusonwas arrested for possession of paraphernalia and public intoxication, with pending changes of possession of synthetic marijuana upon receipt of lab results from the Indiana State Police.

Officers credit the arrest to vigilant neighbors.