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Bulletproof glass approved for offices


County council members approved spending $12,797 for bulletproof glass at the prosecuting attorney and sheriff’s department offices at Monday’s meeting. The request from Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Wible originally was presented at the January council meeting. Wible was asked to seek a grant for the money, however, he was not successful.

    Money for this project will come from infraction deferral funds. Glass will be replaced in the reception area of the sheriff’s department and in the front counter of the prosecutor’s office.

    County Recorder Sharon Shiltz presented a request to council to elevate her deputy to the status and pay of a chief deputy. The request had been rejected by the county’s human resources committee. Shiltz explained that she is currently out of the office an extraordinary amount of time because of illness in her family, and that she feels her employee should have the status of chief deputy to perform all the duties required of her office.

    It was explained that County Attorney Kurt Bachman has stated that a “deputy” can perform virtually all of the same items of business that a “chief deputy” can perform.

    A motion to deny the request died for lack of a second. The request died for lack of a motion to approve the request.

    Sheriff Terry Martin received approval from council to combine the budgets of the sheriff’s department and the county jail for budget year 2013 and forward. “I’ve been in contact with the State Board of Accounts and have been told this will meet with their approval if the county council approves the move,” Martin said. “In addition, combining these budgets will make things easier and more efficient for me.”

    The sheriff also told council members that there are ten Department of Correction inmates at the jail today compared to 80 three years ago. The county is paid $35 per day per inmate, which results in a loss of revenue of almost $2,500 a day.

    “We averaged 33 inmates a day in 2011 and still have a bill outstanding of $398,000 from the state,” Martin stated.

    Martin was asked to bring numbers to the next county council meeting showing income for 2011 versus the amount used in establishing the budget as well as projected numbers for 2012 and 2013.

    Council approved new job descriptions consolidating the five current positions at the Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) into four positions. The new job descriptions include a district manager, program coordinator, office manager and district clerk. “There may be a request for a part-time person at budget time,” said District Manager Dona Hunter.



    Hunter will retire at the end of March after 27 years of service to the SWCD. While addressing the council, Hunter said, “Thank you for the support you have given SWCD over the last 27 years, I have personally appreciated your support.”

    Hunter will be recognized for her years of service with an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. on March 29 at the Par-Gil Nature Center.