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Brill tells date of retirement

Long-time LaGrange County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill has announced that he will retire from his position and the county highway department on September 30 of this year.

Brill was hired into the department nearly 40 years ago, January 1, 1976, by Bob Thompson, highway superintendent at that time. County commissioners were Joe Yoder, Fritz Lambright and Lynn Warner.

Some 25 years ago, county commissioners Fritz Lambright, Donald Curtis and Kirby Bollinger hired Brill as the county highway superintendent. Brill has worked under 17 different county commissioners.

Brill’s replacement has not been named. “The job will be posted and we will be taking applications over the next few weeks,” said Jac Price, commission chair. Brill’s retirement date of September 30 is made necessary by rules of the Public Employee Retirement Fund that will lessen the amount of his retirement significantly should he remain employed into the fourth quarter of this year.