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Braid resigns as Topeka Town Clerk


Katie Braid sent a letter of resignation to the Topeka Town Board dated Oct. 2 and effective Oct. 12. The resignation letter, which noted personal reasons for resigning, was accepted at a special meeting of the Topeka Town Board Friday afternoon.

Members of the town board agreed to send notice of the vacancy to Robert Murphy, chairman of the LaGrange County Republican Central Committee. He will be in charge of calling a caucus to name Braid’s replacement. Precinct committeepeople from Clearspring and Eden townships will be eligible to vote at the caucus election.

Mrs. Glen (Bonnie) Miller was appointed interim clerk-treasurer to serve until a replacement is named. Mrs. Miller said that she does not think she will be eligible to become clerk-treasurer as she lives in Noble County.

Board members noted that they have strong feelings about the qualifications for Braid’s replacement. These qualifications will be passed along to Murphy.

Topeka Town Board members also voted to reverse the action taken by the clerk-treasurer in canceling the town’s insurance with one carrier and binding coverage with a second carrier. They also voted to take bids on insurance for next year when current coverage will be due for renewal.