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Bids opened for new county tax software


Commissioners opened bids from four vendors Monday morning addressed to the issue of tax generating software for the county auditor, treasurer and assessor.

    One vendor bid on a package that covers the needs of all three offices. The other vendors specialize in either the auditor/treasurer package or the assessing package. State law requires that any software package used in Indiana must communicate with any other software package as well as the state software.

    Government Utility Technical Services (GUTS) of Thorntown, Ind., bid the package covering all three offices at $162,825.

    Nickish bid only on the auditor/treasurer package at $192,700. X-Soft, Inc. of Noblesville bid $145,500 on the assessor package, and Low Associates of South Bend bid $182,310 for the auditor/treasurer package.

    All the bids were for both hardware and the software and include converting the current data to the new systems.

    The county has already purchased the hardware necessary for the conversion, so that amount can be deducted from the quotes received Monday. The purchase of this software will reduce annual maintenance costs by some $20,000 to $25,000 a year, according to Murphy. “An added bonus is that the time required to perform different functions in the three offices will be reduced by days and in some instances weeks,” he concluded.