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Bids opened for new construction


County commissioners opened bids from three firms which responded to a request for proposals to perform services for the county assessor at a Friday meeting.

The bids were from Appraisal Research Corporation in Findley, Ohio, $55,250; Nexus Group in Zionsville, Ind., $53,000; and Indiana Assessment Services of Rochester, Ind., at $49,270.

The proposals were taken under advisement and will be reviewed to make an effort to determine if all the proposals will pass the requirements of the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance and which will be in the best interest of LaGrange County.

At first glance, it would appear that not all of the proposals offered cover the same services.

LaGrange County Sheriff Terry Martin appeared to ask commissioners if there is a local ordinance requiring solicitors to register with the county. County Attorney Kurt Bachman responded that to the best of his knowledge, there is nothing on the books. “We did pass a resolution some years ago that prohibits soliciting in the county buildings,” he said.

Commissioners asked the county attorney to research the issue to determine what can be done. Sheriff Martin was directed to check with surrounding counties to determine what is being done to control the issue elsewhere.

Commissioner Larry Miller publicly thanked outgoing Commissioner George Bachman for his services. “I have appreciated his advice, appreciate his demeanor. We have not always agreed, but we have been able to work things out without getting personal.”

“You need to know that you will remain on my speed dial,” he concluded.

Commissioners also passed a resolution that will eliminate the Public Defender Fund. This fund was created to collect money from the State of Indiana judicial system to help in funding public defenders in the circuit and superior courts. This process has been changed by the State Board of Accounts and the public defender budget is now a line item in the commissioners’ budget under the county general fund.