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Beavers at work in the ‘spreads’

“We believe beavers have built a dam in the ‘spreads’ and we need to take a look,” said Martin Franke, local soil and water director. Franke made his statement at the Monday county commissioners meeting as he sought permission to go onto county-owned property to make an assessment of the issue.

The location Franke is referencing is located west and south of Oliver Lake and has been referred to over the years as the “spreads” or “flats.” Some have been brave enough to try and negotiate the area in a canoe. Others want to be on foot. It is rumored that snakes infest the area.

Franke was granted permission to venture into the area.

Commissioners also gave permission for LaGrange County Assessor Pat Monroe to buy four additional monitors that will allow members of her staff to have multiple images onscreen at the same time. The monitors will cost $139 each and the money will come from the 2014 assessor’s budget.

IT Director Bob Murphy was given permission to trade in three copy machines on newer models. The units will be in the parks department, highway department and assessor’s office. Cost will be $7,783 and will come from funds appropriated in the 2014 budget.