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Background check leads to discovery of incorrect information


On Aug. 30, the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department was notified about a possible identity theft by Jan Hoffman of Wolcottville.

    According to the police report, Hoffman had a background check conducted when she applied for a teaching position earlier this year. During the check, an arrest appeared on her background report that Hoffman had no knowledge of. She denied ever being arrested for the charges reported on her record or any other charges. Further investigation revealed that a male subject with a similar Social Security number had been arrested on or about June 20, 2005 and somehow, due to the closeness of their Social Security numbers, the male subject’s record was reported on Hoffman’s background check.

    It appears the company that conducted Hoffman’s background check was at fault for the incorrect information. Hoffman’s background records revealed no such arrest or any other criminal activity. As a result, the matter has been suspended.