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Bachman donates books to LaGrange library

LaGrange native Ray Bachman was in LaGrange recently and stopped by the LaGrange County Library to present them with copies of his most recent books for inclusion in the library's collection.

Bachman, a 1953 graduate of LaGrange High School, has been a pastor, missionary and Hispanic Church planter. In recent years, his ministry has focused on the writing of books and teaching, especially in the area of Bible Prophecy. Amanda Wisler of the library staff said that the library is always anxious and desirous of adding books by authors with local background or connection.

His latest book, Christians, Jews and the End Times, is a study of the relationship of Christianity to its Jewish roots and what the Bible teaches as the future for the Jewish people. This volume of 244 pages was released in July.

A previous book of much local interest is what Bachman calls his spiritual autobiography and is titled The King and I. There are several chapters chronicling his early years of growing up on Hawpatch Street and attending the LaGrange School and the Methodist Church in LaGrange. This book and a Bible study in the book of Acts, Drastic Discipleship, are not only available for checkout at the library but may also be purchased at My Father's Business bookstore in downtown LaGrange.

In addition to the above books, the library also received a copy of The Love Letters of Jesus which details what Jesus is looking for in His Bride, the Church, when He returns for His followers in the Rapture of the Church. Jesus' instructions on how to be ready for His coming are essential to every believer who is awaiting His return. These four books join two of Bachman's devotional books already on the shelves of the library: Looking Up! Everyday and The 3:16's.

Ray Bachman's ministry in the local area has included service at Plato United Methodist Church, Sturgis Missionary Church and Burr Oak Missionary Church. He was also instrumental in establishing the local Hispanic Congregation, Iglesia Estrella de la Manana, and in operating the Hispanic social service agency Centro V.I.D.A.