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August LaGrange County Parks report

Special closings…

Maple Wood Nature Center is closed for David Rogers Country Fair, August 23. Trails are open.

Maple Wood Nature Center is closed for Labor Day, August 30-September 5. Trails are open.

Turkeys restored…

Turkey is the only domestic fowl native to North America. Huge flocks once roamed, but wild turkeys declined enough to worry about their survival. After considerable effort, our young people will grow up thinking it is common to see turkeys. Turkeys restored is a great success story.

Turkeys Restored is presented at the Northeast Indiana Steam & Gas Show, LaGrange County Fairgrounds, Friday, August 8, 12:30 p.m.

Perseid Meteor Showers…

The most watchable of our annual sky events is the Perseid Meteors. August 12 is the normal peak for this show, which is also viewable a few days before and after the peak.

Dallas Lake Park remains open Tuesday, August 12 as a meteor viewing zone. Bring tarps, blankets, sleeping bags or whatever to stretch out in the grass and cast your gaze skyward. Best viewing is usually from 11:00p to 2:00a. Dallas Lake Park is at 0505W 700S.

Breakfast with the Birds…

Wednesday, August 20, 8:30 a.m.

Breakfast with the Birds is for anyone who is free one Wednesday morning of each month.  The program starts with coffee and doughnuts.  Then a talk or discussion is offered by the naturalist.  Bring your binoculars and enjoy a hike in the woods afterward.  Recommended donation is $1.00.


They have been called flying flowers, woodland jewels, and even (can you imagine this?) flutterbys. This insect group is one of the large ones. Butterfly lifecycle and feeding habits are similar across many species. The program introduces them collectively and then specifically the species living nearby.

David Rogers Country Fair Living History Festival…

August 23

Celebrate the lives of the pioneers at David Rogers Country Fair Living History Festival. Return to an earlier day when skilled crafters made everything by hand and a community get together was a chance for fun and games. LaGrange County Parks invites you to David Rogers Memorial Park, August 23.

Rogers Pioneer village will be host to demonstrators of early handwork. The blacksmith, weaver, dressmaker, wood carvers and more will be there. There will be youth activities and games. There is lots of folk music, entertainment and pioneer foods.

Professor Bodkins-Childs will dazzle you with his magical act. Mr. Punch's puppet show reeks of mayhem. A Civil War navy officer is looking for recruits. Lots of music is ongoing throughout the day. Friends of LaGrange County Parks is hosting the Country Bakers Auction at 2:00. There will be a new pie eating champion crowned.

Programs and games are from Noon to 6:00. From the 6:00-8:00 is the Folk Dance with live music and caller.

David Rogers Memorial Park is at 2355W 550S. A map is downloadable at

Folk jam…

Folk Music Jam Sessions are hosted the second and fourth Sundays of the month.  Jam sessions are mostly folk, country and bluegrass music with other styles thrown in from time to time.

This month’s jam is August 24, 1:30-5:00 p.m.  For other Folk Jam Session questions contact Erv Troyer, 463-2247, or Maple Wood at 463-4022, maplwood@

All programs, unless otherwise noted, are held at Maple Wood Nature Center, 4.5 miles east and one mile south of LaGrange. For more information about programs or the LaGrange County Parks call (260) 854-2225, (260) 463-4022 or