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Attempted abduction report in Howe a hoax

On November 19 around 6:30 p.m., the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department responded to the Howe Town Park regarding a possible attempted abduction.

However, on Monday morning, the department determined that the report was a hoax.

 Initially, an 11-year-old child reported that a white male with brown hair, no facial hair and no visible scars or tattoos, in a blue PT Cruiser-type vehicle, approached her at the town park. The child stated that the man is in his 40s and he did not show any sign of aggression. The child told investigators that she then made her way to a nearby restaurant to seek help.

The department reported that, after an extensive investigation involving several officers and the lack of good leads, a sketch artist was contacted from the Indiana State Police to help in the investigation. During the sketch process, the victim told the sketch artist that she made up the whole matter.

Involved in the investigation was the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department and the Indiana State Police.