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Art Fair winners showcased at Parkview LaGrange Hospital

The Art Fair sponsored by Mu Chapter of Tri Kappa Sorority has been going strong for 37 years now, with LaGrange County students of all ages are invited to participate through their school’s art department and submit their work to be judged.

This year’s winning students’ artworks are on display throughout the month of March at Parkview LaGrange Hospital, 207 N. Townline Road, LaGrange, Ind. The hospital will be providing refreshments for the artists and their families at a reception on Saturday, March 8, 2014 from 1:30-3:30 p.m.

The objective of Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc. is to bring women into close, unselfish relationships for the promotion of charity, culture, and education.  We believe supporting our local students who are interested in the subject of art is one way to promote culture in our community. 

Listed below are the winners by school, grade level whose work will be on display at the hospital:

Prairie Heights Middle School

5th Grade:

First Place: Amelia Johnston

Second Place: Noah Landis

Third Place: Bailey Hartsough

6th Grade:

First Place: Darcy Bireley

Second Place: Amy German

Third Place: Korbin Smith

7th Grade:

First Place: Kodi Engle

Second Place: Jayda Wilson

Third Place: Cassidy Gunthorp

8th Grade:

First Place: Shelby Fish

Second Place: Morgan Grime

Third Place: Alejandra Munoz

Lakeland Middle School

6th Grade:

First Place: Raymond Raber

Second Place: Katrina Rose

Third Place: Olivia Martin

7th Grade:

First Place: Sydney Eckert

Second Place: Paige Willms

Third Place: Morgan Sykes

8th Grade:

First Place: Dwight Carter

Second Place: Vanessa Rodriguez

Third Place: Jade Hall

Lima-Brighton Elementary


First Place: Leland Ward

Second Place: Ismael Espino Cortes

Third Place: Jordon Reidinger

1st Grade:

First Place: Djay Guerrero

Second Place: Iris Eberly

Third Place: Luke Yoder

2nd Grade:

First Place: Victoria Rodriguez

Second Place: Mason Wire

Third Place: Emma Schiffli

3rd Grade:

First Place: Amelia Trump

Second Place: Jozlynne Combs

Third Place: Quinn Klopfenstein

4th Grade:

First Place: Codie Vargas

Second Place: Grace Sustaita

Third Place: Ellis Chen

5th Grade:

First Place: Elizabeth Jennings

Second Place: Jasmin Camacho

Third Place: Jaron Fry


Parkside Elementary


First Place: Jerry Yoder

Second Place: Thatcher Cowley

Third Place: Lincoln Crawford

1st Grade:

First Place: Sarah Smart

Second Place: Kyiah Michels

Third Place: Payton Hoopingarner

2nd Grade:

First Place: Mikayla DePew

Second Place: Caitlyn Millen

Third Place: Lydia Blankenship

3rd Grade:

First Place: Lauren Leu

Second Place: Wyatt Priestley

Third Place: Grecia Munoz

4th Grade:

First Place: Brooklyn Olinger

Second Place: Zander Farver

Third Place: Terance Blankenship

5th Grade:

First Place: Charity Weinberg

Second Place: Erin Gulley

Third Place: Matthew Miller

Wolcott Mills Elementary


First Place: Dustin Hicks

Second Place: Kaia McNamara

Third Place: Kaianne Miller

1st Grade:

First Place: Dakota Feller

Second Place: Reahgan Adams

Third Place: Drannon Miller

2nd Grade:

First Place: Ronin Wise

Second Place: Christina Raber

Third Place: Lourdes Canedo

3rd Grade:

First Place: Keirsten Raber

Second Place: Chelsey Brady

Third Place: Zena Zimmerman

4th Grade:

First Place: Mary Raber

Second Place: Breanna Baker

Third Place: Skyla Rupkey

5th Grade:

First Place: Hannah Harris

Second Place: Alex Stanley

Third Place: Barbie White

Westview Junior High School

7th Grade:

First Place: Kendra Hochstetler

Second Place: Stephanie Lory

Third Place: Paola Ramirez

Westview Elementary

5th Grade:

First Place: Karen Graber

Second Place: Katy Wingard

Third Place: Krisia Schlabach

6th Grade:

First Place: Deborah Miller

Second Place: Camille Pushman

Third Place: Amber Stutzman

Meadowview Elementary


First Place: Earl Dean Beechy

Second Place: Alex Troyer

Third Place: Kristopher Lehman

1st Grade:

First Place: Leah Miller

Second Place: Kayla Bontrager

Third Place: Katura Wingard

2nd Grade:

First Place: Caleb Miller

Second Place: Kaitlin Nisley

Third Place: Landon Troyer

3rd Grade:

First Place: Keith Bontrager

Second Place: Brian Miller

Third Place: Ashley Troyer

4th Grade:

First Place: Faith Miller

Second Place: Lilly Eash

Third Place: Justin Lehman

Shipshe-Scott Elementary


First Place: Rachael Bender

Second Place: Landon Miller

Third Place: Carter Miller

1st Grade:

First Place: Bryan Yoder

Second Place: Alayna Saddarth

Third Place: Caleb Lambright

2nd Grade:

First Place: Austin Miller

Second Place: Kari Lambright

Third Place: Loren Miller

3rd Grade:

First Place: Joshua Schwartz

Second Place: Heidi Miller

Third Place: Adrian Miller

4th Grade:

First Place: Jamie Miller

Second Place: Cynthia Bontrager

Third Place: Dean Eash

Topeka Elementary


First Place: Jaden Yoder

Second Place: Ryan Miller

Third Place: Herman Miller

1st Grade:

First Place: Shanna Miller

Second Place: LaWayne Miller

Third Place: Annagail Warrener

2nd Grade:

First Place: Elaine Frey

Second Place: Laura Yoder

Third Place: Luke Helmuth

3rd Grade:

First Place: Lyndon Miller

Second Place: Mikayla Yoder

Third Place: Kurtis Fry

4th Grade:

First Place: Sara Yutzy

Second Place: Kathleen Fry

Third Place: Bohdy Bontrager