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Ark reports on first year at shelter


Brian Cochran reported to county commissioners Monday on the first year of operating the animal shelter for LaGrange County. Ark entered into an agreement to operate the shelter for $100,000 annually starting April 1, 2012. The open house originally scheduled for this weekend has been postponed until a later date.

Cochran said that a total of $140,000 was spent for operation of the facility the first year. The difference between the contracted amount and the expenditures was made up by donations from the public and fundraisers.

Cochran said in his report that the only animals that have been euthanized at the shelter are those that are aggressive toward humans and those that have been specifically brought to the shelter by county residents seeking to have the animal euthanized.

“During the last year we have received 276 dogs and adopted out 154,” he said. In addition the shelter received 361 cats. Cochran noted that the fee for adopting a cat is $50. “We pretty well have an ongoing cat special of adopt one, get one free,” he stated.

Adoption fees for a dog are $135. All adopted animals have been neutered, had shots, and been treated by a veterinary for any diseases. Dogs are heartworm free and have been treated for the disease.

Ark spent $45,000 for veterinary bills, $6,000 for food and $6,000 for cat litter, etc., this year. Cochran also reported that Ark has been able to acquire stainless steel cat cages which have been instrumental in helping control feline leukemia virus at the shelter.

Commissioner Larry Miller said that he is pleased with the results of the decision of contracting the shelter services. “Before, I was getting three to five calls a week. I have had only one call in the last year and it was resolved within an hour,” he stated.