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Ark Animal Sanctuary has new director

Yancey Painter joined the cause and recently became the new director of the Ark Animal Sanctuary in LaGrange.

    Becoming acquainted with Ark through adoptions held at a local pet store where she was the manager for the grooming department, Painter discovered the passion for helping unfortunate dogs and cats is very contagious. As a child, she tagged along with her mother who worked in a veterinarian’s office and soon discovered she, too, had a heart for animals and has worked in several capacities throughout the years. Helping homeless people find food for their pets in the Detroit area, cleaning cages, finding strays, and walking dogs, doesn’t matter to Painter as long as she is helping and working with animals.

    “I have not seen such passionate people when it comes to helping animals as I have seen at Ark,” Painter stated. “This is what drew me to the job. I want to work with those people who have the same desire and passion I have.  Making life better for an animal, to give it a second chance, is a win-win situation for both dog and owner. Ark has gone so far in such a short time it will be interesting to see how much further we can all go together.”

    Education is important to Painter and she hopes to be involved with the local schools to help education about the importance of spaying, neutering and dog ownership. “Any change for the positive is a good change and if I reach only one person that one person will reach another and so on,” she said. “Ark gives animals a change that would never have happened for them.” 

    When asked about her biggest challenge, Painter responded by saying, “The roads. Learning the system in a new environment is always a challenge, but one that I accept with determination.  I am very glad to be a part of Ark, to be the director is an opportunity I embrace and I am fortunate to have the opportunity.”

    Hitting the road running on her first day, Painter already has some of the roads mastered, found the home for a wandering dog, and embraced a homecoming between owner and pet. The match of Ark and Painter is made.