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Area company signing deal with UK artist


Peter Stone, owner of Stone Horses, in Shipshewana Indiana will be traveling to the UK this weekend to attend Hulabaloo in Essex England, at Utterly Horses. He will be representing the Stone Horse line of horses at the Hulabaloo model horse show.  He will be signing a contract with Miss Amy Davies while there, a 19 year old UK artist, Youtube sensation, and animation student, to manufacture her line of movie horse characters. 

Peter is the son of Sam Stone, the founder of Breyer Horses.  In 1950, Chicago's Breyer Molding Company was asked to make a horse with a Western saddle for a clock. The clock didn't sell well and the clock company eventually went out of business. But Breyer was allowed to keep the copyright and the mold for the horse. This horse became the first Breyer model horse. 

In the fifties and sixties, more horses and other animals, especially cattle breeds, were added to the lineup in addition to all of the other products made by Breyer Molding Company. The artist usually commissioned to come up with the animals was Chris Hess. Eventually, he would create some of the most beloved molds used by Breyer today, including the top-selling model, Misty of Chincoteague.

Gradually, in the late 1960s, Breyer became a one-named company and CEO Sam Stone had shifted the company to make toys and affordable art, with some sidelines. Some of the molds were leased to other companies to make clocks or lamps. But more and more, the demand seemed to be for the animal models, made of cellulose acetate.

Peter Stone became head of the model horse division of Breyer in 1984 but left suddenly in 1995 after Breyer was sold to toy conglomerate Reeves, International. The model horse world scratched their heads, but soon Peter Stone revealed the real reason he left Breyer to start his own model horse company, called Stone Horses, which is still in existence today.

Peter left to start his own that he could fulfill his father's like models made in entirely in the United States. 

This is a wonderful partnership for both parties involved