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Archbold Equipment partners with agronomist

Archbold Equipment Company has announced a partnership with Nester Ag, LLC of Bryan, Ohio. Nester Ag has over 35 years of experience and a team of agronomists to provide dedicated services such as soil testing, nutrient management, plant tissue testing, research and test plot programs, data analysis, geo-referencing and aerial farm maps.

Nester Ag practices environmental stewardship and strives to make their clients agriculture profitable. Archbold Equipment Company looks to set themselves apart from other agricultural dealers by providing these services to current and prospective customers.

“I am thrilled to begin this new partnership with Archbold Equipment Company and look forward to working with the sales team to further develop programs that enhance customers’ bottom line,” stated Joe Nester, founder of Nester Ag. “Archbold Equipment Company is a highly respected company that prides itself on top quality products and service.”

Gary Schumacher, CEO of Archbold Equipment, looks for this to be a positive addition to Archbold Equipment’s products and services. “Archbold Equipment Company is very excited to be partnering with Nester Ag,” he said. “We realize the value of having an agronomics team as a business partner, and look for this to assist our customers in driving profits for their bottom line.”

Archbold Equipment and Nester Ag will work together to provide best-in-class service and agricultural consulting efforts within Northwest Ohio, Southern Michigan and North Central Indiana. Archbold Equipment Company, headquartered in Archbold, Ohio, also has locations in Topeka, Ind., Adrian, Mich., and Ottawa, Portage, and Sherwood, Ohio.