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The Arc small group home


The ninth program that is being highlighted is the Small Group Home.

A Group Home is first and foremost…a home. More than simply a place to live, a home is a reflection of who we are and how we choose to live our lives.

For people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, transitioning to a group home setting is an exciting choice toward more independent living. Group Homes allow adults with disabilities the opportunity to live in a regular house in a community neighborhood with a small number of other individuals.

Group Homes are kept extremely clean, in good condition, accessible and contain great outdoor areas.

The Arc of LaGrange County encourages their residents to personalize their rooms with their own taste and style. Debra Seman, CEO of The Arc, feels that their home should meet their needs and foster their dreams of living as independently as possible, facilitate their being included within the community, and assist them to reach their maximum potential.

Living in a comfortable, safe home setting—and participating in community activities—is critical to the development and growth of all people.

The Arc of LaGrange County operates one ICF/MR Group Home serving five ladies from the community and surrounding area. Direct care staff is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays to provide the supports and training each person desires and needs.

Individuals are encouraged to be as independent as they can be by making as many choices for themselves as possible. Their health and safety are always priorities.

Participation in community activities and involvement or membership in community-based organizations is encouraged and facilitated to help individuals make friends and find people with similar interest. Individuals living in Group Homes are assisted and encouraged to work, volunteer or participate in some type of day program.

Group Homes provide structure and routine in a friendly, homey atmosphere. The Arc of LaGrange County strives to have safe, harmonious living situations that are as much like families as possible.

Services offered in the Group Home include the following: grooming and hygiene; grocery and personal shopping; housekeeping; cooking; laundry; learning to access community resources such as the library, church, beauty shop, stores, exercise facilities, etc; in-home daily schedules that include: crafts, games and hobby related activities; monitoring health concerns; personal financial management; formal and informal teaching and training occurs throughout the course of day-to-day life; access to professional staff including nurses and social workers.

The agency is no better than the people that work for them. The staff at The Arc of LaGrange County goes through a stringent process of background checks, drug testing, orientation and training in order to serve individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families. The staff is dedicated, hardworking and responsible and goes the “extra mile.”

The staff loves their jobs and they want to serve you! Ongoing training is required. Policies and procedures are followed in order to assure the company is striving to provide the best, safest and most effective service possible. Additionally, The Arc of LaGrange County must go through many inspections and surveys to satisfy the government that our agency provides honest, safe and quality services to the people we serve.

The Arc needs you…perhaps you could consider being a “secret pal” to one of the ladies in the home, mailing her cards on holidays, her birthday, or just a thinking of you card! Maybe you would be interested in participating in the Arc Angel program adopting one of the consumers who doesn’t have family to ensure they have some Christmas gifts under the tree on Christmas morning?

The Arc is always looking for ways to involve the ladies in community activities; it might work in your schedule to volunteer to go out with them on a shopping trip or come into their home on a Saturday and teach them a new craft. For more information on how you might be able to help, please contact Nikki Myers, Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional at (260) 463-2653. Whatever way you can help it would be greatly appreciated! “Achieve With Us!”